Wolfgang Stojetz

HiCN Working Papers Series


The Double Burden of Female Protracted Displacement: Survey Evidence on Gendered Livelihoods in El Fasher, Darfur

Wolfgang Stojetz,  Tilman Brück, 

During protracted displacement, women and girls often face serious gender-specific challenges and vulnerabilities, including adverse norms and institutional barriers. Yet, quantitative evidence on gendered drivers […]


Can Jobs Programs Build Peace?

Tilman Brück,  Neil Ferguson,  Wolfgang Stojetz,  Valeria Izzi

In the last decade, well over $10bn has been spent on interventions that aim to build peace and social stability through employment. Despite this degree […]


On the Legacies of Wartime Governance

Patricia Justino,  Wolfgang Stojetz, 

In conflict zones around the world, both state and non-state actors deliver governance at local levels. This paper explores the long-term impact of individual exposure […]