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The Households in Conflict Network brings together researchers interested in the micro level analysis of the relationship between violent conflict and household welfare.

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Violent Conflicts and Educational Outcomes: The LRA Insurgency in Northern Uganda Revisited

Douglas Kazibwe, 

I investigate the consequences of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency  on the educational outcomes of individuals in Northern Uganda. I employ an identification strategy […]


What does the population in Niger think about a military government?

Daniel Tuki, 

Using the Round 9 Afrobarometer survey data collected in the Republic of Niger in 2022, this study examined the attitudes of Nigeriens toward military rule […]


Changes in fertility rates and desires in the wake of the homicide surge in Mexico

Maria Gargiulo,  Ginevra Floridi, José Manuel Aburto

Since 2006, Mexico has experienced a surge in homicide violence due to national policies and international influences on drug trafficking activities. While the effects of […]


Fear to Vote: Explosions, Salience, and Elections

Juan F. Vargas,  Mounu Prem,  Miguel E. Purroy, Felipe Coy, Sergio Perilla

Criminal groups use violence strategically to manipulate the behavior of victims and bystanders. At the same time, violence is a stimulus that causes fear, which […]


You’re not welcome! Violence and support for a grazing ban policy in Kaduna, Nigeria

Daniel Tuki, 

This study examined the effect of victimization – i.e., the concrete experience of violence – on support for a policy banning the opening grazing of […]


Violent instability and modern contraception: Evidence from Mali

Orsola Torrisi, 

This study examines the consequences of armed violence on sexual and reproductive health in Mali, a country where modern contraceptive use (MCU) is low and […]

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