Yashodhan Ghorpade

HiCN Working Papers Series


Extending a Lifeline or Cutting Losses? Conflict and Household Receipts of Remittances in Pakistan

Yashodhan Ghorpade, 

I examine the causal effects of long-term exposure to conflict, measured at the micro level, onhouseholds’ receipt of remittances. Using IV estimation to overcome the […]


Calamity, Conflict and Cash Transfers: How Violence Affects Access to Aid in Pakistan

Yashodhan Ghorpade, 

I examine how prior exposure to conflict affected household-level access to cash transfer programmes in the aftermath of the massive 2010 floods in Pakistan. Using […]


Can Rigorous Impact Evaluations Improve Humanitarian Assistance?

Yashodhan Ghorpade,  Tilman Brück,  Jyotsna Puri Anastasia Aladysheva Vegard Iversen

Abstract: Despite the widespread occurrence of humanitarian emergencies such as epidemics, earthquakes, droughts, floods and violent conflict and despite the significant financial resources devoted to […]


Coping Strategies in Natural Disasters and under Conflict: A Review of Household Responses and Notes for Public Policy

Yashodhan Ghorpade, 

This paper attempts to examine the broad theoretical and empirical literature on how poor households respond to shocks to their incomes and livelihoods brought upon […]