HiCN Working Papers Series


Prevalence of Depression and Associated Socio-economic Outcomes during Violent Conflict: A Matched Analysis for Palestine Using Nationally Representative Survey and Conflict Event Data

Piero Ronzani,  Wolfgang Stojetz,  Alia Aghajanian,  Tilman Brück,  Nadine Stammel, Maria Boettche, Diego Zardetto, Sarah Fenzl, Maen Salhab, Jessica M. Anderson, Arden Finn

Mental health risks are high in conflict settings, but mental health research mostly focuses on non-conflict settings. Survey data from active conflict settings often suffer […]


Armed conflict and gendered participation in agrifood systems: Survey evidence from 29 African countries

Piero Ronzani,  Wolfgang Stojetz,  Tilman Brück,  Carlo Azzarri, Gianluigi Nico, Erdgin Mane

This paper provides empirical microlevel evidence on the gendered impacts of armed conflict on economic activity in agriculture and other sectors, combining large-N sex-disaggregated survey […]