Neil Ferguson

HiCN Working Papers Series


Can Jobs Programs Build Peace?

Tilman Brück,  Neil Ferguson,  Wolfgang Stojetz,  Valeria Izzi

In the last decade, well over $10bn has been spent on interventions that aim to build peace and social stability through employment. Despite this degree […]


Determinants and Dynamics of Forced Migration to Europe: Evidence from a 3-D Model of Flows and Stocks

Tilman Brück,  Neil Ferguson,  Eleonora Nillesen,  Kai M. Dunker Aline Meysonnat

Abstract: Violent conflict is a well-recogniseddriver of forced migration but literature does not usually consider the pull factors that might also cause irregular movements. In […]


Assets for Alimentation? The Nutritional Impact of Assets-Based Programming in Niger

Tilman Brück,  Neil Ferguson,  Oscar Mauricio Díaz Botía J. Ouédraogoc Z. Ziegelhöfer

A recent strand of aid programming aims to develop household assets by removing the stresses associated with meeting basic nutritional needs. In this paper, we […]


Micro-Foundations of Fragility: Concepts, Measurement and Application

Ghassan Baliki,  Tilman Brück,  Neil Ferguson,  Sindu W. Kebede

We explore the micro-foundations of fragility by discussing how to measure the exposure to fragility at the individual level. We focus on two notions that […]


Money Can’t Buy Love but Can it Buy Peace? Evidence from the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation

Tilman Brück,  Neil Ferguson, 

In 1998, the Good Friday Agreement concluded a period of violence in Northern Ireland yet the scars of the conflict remained prevalent in the political […]


The Legacy of Conflict: Regional Deprivation and School Performance in Northern Ireland

Neil Ferguson,  Maren Michaelsen, 

The relationship between deprivation and educational outcomes has been the subject of a long-running and deep debate in the economic literature. Recent discussions have focused […]