Eleonora Nillesen

HiCN Working Papers Series


Determinants and Dynamics of Forced Migration to Europe: Evidence from a 3-D Model of Flows and Stocks

Tilman Brück  Neil Ferguson  Eleonora Nillesen  Kai M. Dunker Aline Meysonnat

Abstract: Violent conflict is a well-recogniseddriver of forced migration but literature does not usually consider the pull factors that might also cause irregular movements. In […]


A Phoenix in Flames? Portfolio Choice and Violence in Civil War in Rural Burundi

Eleonora Nillesen  Philip Verwimp 

This paper challenges the idea that farmers revert to subsistence farming when confronted with violence from civil war. While there is an emerging macroeconomic consensus […]


Does Conflict affect Preferences? Results from Field Experiments in Burundi

Maarten Voors  Eleonora Nillesen  Philip Verwimp  Erwin Bulte Robert Lensink Daan van Soest

We use experimental data from 35 randomly selected communities in Burundi to examine the impact of exposure to conflict on social-, risk- and time preferences. […]


Rebel Recruitment in a Coffee Exporting Economy

Eleonora Nillesen  Philip Verwimp 

Grievance and reduced opportunity costs are two popular ideas within the civil war literature to explain participation in violent rebellion. We test both hypotheses at […]