Sami Miaari

HiCN Working Papers Series


Trade, employment and conflict: Evidence from the Second Intifada

Massimiliano Calì,  Sami Miaari, 

Do trade shocks affect conflict? The evidence on this question has so far focused mainly on commodity price shocks. This paper moves beyond this focus […]


Learning the hard way: The effect of violent conflict on student academic achievement

Tilman Brück,  Michele Di Maio,  Sami Miaari, 

We study the effect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the probability to pass the final high-school exam for Palestinian students in the West Bank during […]


The labour market impact of mobility restrictions: Evidence from the West Bank

Massimiliano Calì,  Sami Miaari, 

Using data on Israeli closure in the Palestinian West Bank, we provide new evidence on the labour market effects of conflict-induced restrictions to mobility. We […]


Ethnic Conflict and Job Seperations

Sami Miaari,  Asaf Zussman Noam Zussman

We study the effect of the second Intifada, a violent conflict between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors which erupted in September 2000, and the ensuing […]


The Struggle for Palestinian Hearts and Minds: Violence and Public Opinion in the Second Intifada

Sami Miaari,  David A. Jaeger Esteban F. Klor M. Daniele Paserman

This paper examines how violence in the Second Intifada influences Palestinian public opinion. Using public opinion poll micro data linked to data on fatalities, we […]