Michele Di Maio

HiCN Working Papers Series


Conflict exposure and health: Evidence from the Gaza Strip

Michele Di Maio,  Valerio Leone Sciabolazza

Using individual-level longitudinal data and geo-localized information on conflict-related violent events, we study the impact of conflict on health in the Gaza Strip. Results show […]


The Effect of Parental Job Loss on Child School Dropout: Evidence from the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Michele Di Maio,  Roberto Nisticò, 

We study the effect of parental job loss on child school dropout in developing countries. We focus on Palestinian households living in the Occupied Palestinian […]


Security, Trade, and Political Violence

Michele Di Maio,  Francesco Amodio Leonardo Baccini

To address security concerns, governments often implement trade barriers and restrictions on the movement of goods and people. These restrictions have negative economic consequences, possibly […]


Learning the hard way: The effect of violent conflict on student academic achievement

Tilman Brück,  Michele Di Maio,  Sami Miaari, 

We study the effect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the probability to pass the final high-school exam for Palestinian students in the West Bank during […]


Making Do with What You Have: Conflict, Firm Performance and Input Misallocation in Palestine

Michele Di Maio,  Francesco Amodio

This paper investigates the effect of conflict on firms’ output value and input misallocation in the context of Palestine during the Second Intifada. Using a […]


Conflict, Economic Shock and Child Labour in Palestine

Michele Di Maio,  Tushar K. Nandi

This paper studies the impact of Palestine-Israel conflict on child labour in Palestine. The conflict has resulted in massive job loss of Palestinian workers in […]