Abbey Steele

HiCN Working Papers Series


Constraining the Samurai: Rebellion and Taxation in Early Modern Japan

Christopher Paik,  Abbey Steele,  Seiki Tanaka

War is central to state formation, in part because it precipitates new and higher taxes. But what happens in the absence of war? In this […]


Warfare, Political Identities, and Displacement in Spain and Colombia

Laia Balcells,  Abbey Steele, 

This paper explores the causes of displacement during civil wars. Recent scholarship has shown that conventional civil wars – those in which forces are relatively balanced – and irregular […]


Electing Displacement: Political Cleansing in Apartadó, Colombia

Abbey Steele, 

This article highlights a nefarious effect of elections during civil wars by demonstrating that they can facilitate the displacement of civilians. This occurs through two […]


Massive Civilian Displacement in Civil War: Assessing Variation in Colombia

Abbey Steele, 

The displacement of civilians is a frequent, yet understudied, outcome of armed groups’ and civilians’ behavior during civil wars. In particular, I find that displacement […]