Laia Balcells

HiCN Working Papers Series


The determinants of low-intensity intergroup violence. The case of Northern Ireland

Laia Balcells,  Lesley-Ann Daniels Abel Escribà-Folch

What accounts for low-intensity intergroup violence? In this paper, we explore the micro-level determinants of low-intensity sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, which has marked the […]


Warfare, Political Identities, and Displacement in Spain and Colombia

Laia Balcells,  Abbey Steele, 

This paper explores the causes of displacement during civil wars. Recent scholarship has shown that conventional civil wars – those in which forces are relatively balanced – and irregular […]


Rivalry and Revenge: Making Sense of Violence against Civilians in Conventional Civil Wars

Laia Balcells, 

Recent research on violence against civilians during wars has emphasized war- related factors over political ones. For example, factors such as control of territory or […]