Olga Shemyakina

HiCN Working Papers Series


Domestic Violence and Childhood Exposure to Armed Conflict: Attitudes and Experiences

Giulia La Mattina,  Olga Shemyakina, 

We examine the effect of exposure to armed conflict in childhood and youth on women and men’s attitudes toward domestic violence in Sub-Saharan Africa. More […]


Gender-Differential Effects of Conflict on Education: The Case of the 1981-1993 Punjab Insurgency

Prakarsh Singh,  Olga Shemyakina, 

This study explores the long-run effect of the 1981-1993 Punjab Insurgency on the educational attainment of adults who were between ages 6-16 years at the […]


Armed Conflict, Household Victimization, and Child Health in Côte D’Ivoire

Olga Shemyakina,  Camelia Minoiu

We examine the effect of the 2002-2007 civil conflict in Côte d’Ivoire on children’s health status using household surveys collected before, during, and after the […]


Labour Market, Education and Armed Conflict in Tajikistan

Olga Shemyakina, 

Shortly following its independence in 1991, Tajikistan suffered a violent civil war. This study explores the effect of this conflict on education and labour market […]


Remittances and Labor Supply in Post-Conflict Tajikistan

Patricia Justino,  Olga Shemyakina, 

This paper analyzes the impact of remittances on the labor supply of men and women in post-conflict Tajikistan. We find that on average men and […]


The Marriage Market and Tajik Armed Conflict

Olga Shemyakina, 

This paper explores the relationship between the 1992-1998 armed conflict in Tajikistan, sex ratios and the age at first marriage for women. The findings suggest […]


The Effect of Armed Conflict on Accumulation of Schooling: Results from Tajikistan

Olga Shemyakina, 

From 1992 to 1998 Tajikistan was embroiled in one of the most devastating civil conflicts in the Former Soviet Union region. To identify regional exposure […]