HiCN Working Papers Series


Conflict and Girl Child Marriage: Global Evidence

Caroline Krafft,  Diana Jimena Arango, Amalia Hadas Rubin, and Jocelyn Kelly

Child marriage has lasting negative health, human capital, and welfare consequences. Conflictsettings are characterized by a number of complex changes that can potentially increase the […]


How Do Gender Norms Shape Education and Domestic Work Outcomes? The Case of Syrian Refugee Adolescents in Jordan

Caroline Krafft,  Ragui Assaad, Isabel Pastoor

Forced displacement has disrupted Syrian refugees’ lives and exposed them to new communities and norms. This paper assesses how gender norms shape the lives of […]


Education Interrupted: Enrollment, Attainment, and Dropout of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Caroline Krafft,  Maia Sieverding Nasma Berri Caitlyn Keo Mariam Sharpless

The children affected by the Syrian conflict are at risk of becoming a “lost generation” due to interruptions in their schooling, including among the large […]