Jean-Pierre Tranchant

HiCN Working Papers Series


Riots and social capital in urban India

Patricia Justino,  Jean-Pierre Tranchant,  Alia Aghajanian

This paper explores the relationship between household exposure to riots and social capital in urban India using a panel dataset collected by the authors in […]


Political Violence, Drought and Child Malnutrition: Empirical Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India

Jean-Pierre Tranchant,  Patricia Justino,  Cathérine Müller, 

We analyse the combined effect of political violence and adverse climatic shocks on child nutrition. Instrumental variable models using longitudinal data from Andhra Pradesh, India, […]


Institutions, Mobilization and Rebellion in Post-Colonial Societies

Jean-Pierre Tranchant,  Jean-Louis Arcand

We revisit the simultaneous equations model of rebellion, mobilization, grievances and repression proposed by Gurr and Moore (1997). Our main contribution is to clarify and […]


Households amidst urban riots: The economic consequences of civil violence in India

Jaideep Gupte,  Patricia Justino,  Jean-Pierre Tranchant, 

The objective of this paper is to uncover the determinants of riot victimization in India. The analysis is based on a unique survey collected by […]