Marc Rockmore

HiCN Working Papers Series


An Empirical Exploration of the Near-Term and Persistent Effects of Conflict on Risk Preferences

Marc Rockmore,  Christopher B. Barrett Jeannie Annan

A burgeoning empirical literature on the effects of conflict on various economic behavioral parameters exhibits mixed results, with respect to both the magnitude and the […]


Fear and Political Participation: Evidence from Africa

Marc Rockmore,  Kevin M. Morrison

Research finds that personal exposure to violence or crime increases political participation. The effects of fear, however, have not been studied. Since the number of […]


It’s no Spring Break in Cancun: The Effects of Exposure to Violence on Risk Preferences, Pro-Social Behavior and Mental Health

Muhammad Nasir,  Marc Rockmore,  Chih Ming Tan

Exposure to violence has been found to affect behavioral parameters, mental health and social interactions. The literature focuses on large scale political violence. The effects […]


Do Criminally Accused Politicians Affect Economic Outcomes? Evidence from India

Nishith Prakash,  Marc Rockmore,  Yogesh Uppal

The recent increase in the number of criminally accused politicians elected to state assemblies has caused much furor in India. Despite the potentially important consequences […]


Living Within Conflicts: Risk of Violence and Livelihood Portfolios

Marc Rockmore, 

This paper provides a comprehensive view of household responses to insecurity by examining chances along the extensive and intensive margins of livelihoods during a conflict. […]


The Cost of Fear: The Welfare Effects of the Risk of Violence in Northern Uganda

Marc Rockmore, 

The micro-conflict literature focuses almost exclusively on direct exposure to violence and post-conflict outcomes. By focusing only on directly exposed households, the literature ignores the […]