Tom Bundervoet

HiCN Working Papers Series


War, Health, and Educational Attainment: A Panel of Children during Burundi’s Civil War

Tom Bundervoet, 

This article examines the impact of war-induced ill early childhood health on educational attainment in early adolescence. Using data on a small panel of children […]


Civil War and the Welfare of Extended Households: Evidence from Longitudinal Data from Burundi

Philip Verwimp,  Tom Bundervoet, 

We analyse the effect of violence and rebellion on the evolution of household welfare. We collected new panel data for Burundi (1999-2007) in which we […]


Consumption Growth, Household Splits and Civil War

Philip Verwimp,  Tom Bundervoet, 

We analyse the effect of civil war on household welfare. Using Burundian panel data for the 1998-2007 period in which we re-interviewed original as well […]


Livestock, Activity Choices and Conflict: Evidence from Burundi

Tom Bundervoet, 

Standard economic risk theory postulates that in the absence of credit markets, wealthier households will engage in higher-risk, higher profit activities to generate income while […]


Estimating Poverty in Burundi

Tom Bundervoet, 

In this paper, we evaluate absolute consumption poverty and inequality in rural and urban Burundi after more than 5 years of civil war. Using the […]


Civil War and Economic Sanctions: Analysis of Anthropometric Outcomes in Burundi

Tom Bundervoet,  Philip Verwimp, 

This paper investigates the impact of the latest civil war and the subsequent economic embargo in Burundi on the health status of the Burundese children. […]