Carlos Bozzoli

HiCN Working Papers Series


The Global Economic Burden of Violent Conflict

Carlos Bozzoli  Tilman Brück  Olaf J. de Groot

Calculating the impact of different societal challenges, such as climate change, HIV/AIDS or cancer, uncovers the scale, distribution and structure of their economic burdens. Since […]


Evaluating programmes in conflict-affected areas

Carlos Bozzoli  Tilman Brück  Nina Wald 

We provide an overview over the concepts, pitfalls and challenges involved in conducting scientifically sound impact evaluations and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in conflict-affected and […]


Activity Choices of Internally Displaced Persons and Returnees: Quantitative Survey Evidence from Post-War Northern Uganda

Carlos Bozzoli  Tilman Brück  Tony Muhumuza 

We study the effect of living in an internally displaced people’s (IDP) camp oneconomic activity choices in post war northern Uganda. As the decision to […]


Conflict Experiences and Expectations on Recovery: Survey Evidence from Northern Uganda

Carlos Bozzoli  Tilman Brück  Tony Muhumuza 

We analyse the role of mass violent conflict in influencing individual expectations. We hypothesise that individuals are likely to report negative expectations if they were […]


Self-Employment and Conflict in Colombia

Carlos Bozzoli  Tilman Brück  Nina Wald 

Many Colombians are confronted with the ongoing conflict which influences their decision making in everyday life, including their behaviour on labour markets. This study focuses […]