Chris Blattman is a Professor in the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. He uses field work and statistics to study poverty, political engagement, the causes and consequences of violence, and policy in developing countries.

Chris Blattman is a Senior Affiliate for the Households in Conflict Network (HiCN)

HiCN Working Papers Series


Can War Foster Cooperation?

Chris Blattman,  Edward Miguel,  Michal Bauer Julie Chytilová Joseph Henrich Tamar Mitts

In the past decade, nearly 20 studies have found a strong, persistent pattern in surveys and behavioral experiments from over 40 countries: individual exposure to […]


Employment Generation in Rural Africa: Mid-term Results from an Experimental Evaluation of the Youth Opportunities Program in Northern Uganda

Nathan Fiala,  Chris Blattman,  Sebastián Martínez

Can cash transfers promote employment and reduce poverty in rural Africa? Will lower youth unemployment and poverty reduce the risk of social instability? We experimentally […]


Building institutions at the micro-level: Results from a field experiment in property dispute and conflict resolution

Chris Blattman,  Alexandra Hartman Robert Blair

How to promote local order and property rights under weak rule of law? States commonly use education campaigns to influence citizen behavior and, ultimately, change […]


The Logic of Child Soldiering and Coercion

Chris Blattman,  Bernd Beber

Why do armed groups recruit large numbers of children as fighters, often coercively? The inter-national community has tried to curb these crimes by shaming and […]


Women and Girls at War: “Wives”, Mothers, and Fighters in the Lord’s Resistance Army

Chris Blattman,  Jeannie Annan Dyan Mazurana Khristopher Carlson

Data from Uganda challenge conventional notions about the role of females during and after war. Women and girls recruited by the LRA play active roles […]


From Violence to Voting: War and political participation in Uganda

Chris Blattman, 

What is the political legacy of violent conflict? This paper presents evidence for a link between war, violence and increased individual political participation and leadership […]


The Consequences of Child Soldiering

Chris Blattman,  Jeannie Annan

Civil conflicts have afflicted a third of all nations and two thirds of Africa since 1991. In many cases, up to a third of male […]