Food Security, Peacebuilding and Gender Equality: Conceptual Framework and Future Directions


The main objective of this study is to generate knowledge and evidence-based, meaningful, and actionable recommendations to governments and other stakeholders, particularly international organizations and FAO staff, on the nexus between support to nutrition and food security, building peace and stability, and striving towards gender equality. To this purpose, the study offers a framework to better understand how addressing the specific priorities of men and women in nutrition and food interventions in conflict-affected contexts may shape peacebuilding processes and improve gender equality in the aftermath of violent conflicts. In building this framework, the study explored the following questions:

  • How can nutrition and food security interventions support and encourage the dual processes of peacebuilding and gender equality?
  • What mechanisms shape the interaction between nutrition and food security, gender equality and peacebuilding?
  • How do those mechanisms affect how nutrition and food security interventions may support pathways towards sustainable peace, and what are the gender dimensions of such pathways?
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