Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere

HiCN Working Papers Series


Does Violent Conflict Affect Labor Supply of Farm Households? The Nigerian Experience

Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere,  John Chiwuzulum Odozi

Nigeria has experienced bouts of violent conflict in different regions over the last few decades leading to significant loss of life. In this paper, we […]


Conflict Exposure and Economic Welfare in Nigeria

Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere,  John Chiwuzulum Odozi

Several papers have attempted to estimate and document the impact of conflict on several education, health and socioeconomic outcomes. One lesson from the past research […]


The Impact of Conflict on Education Attainment and Enrollment in Colombia: lessons from recent IDPs

Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere,  Kate Wharton

Forty years of low-intensity internal armed conflict have made Colombia home to over 3 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), the world’s largest population. The effect […]