Saurabh Singhal

HiCN Working Papers Series


Do Fences Make Good Neighbors? Evidence from an Insurgency in India

Saurabh Singhal,  Heidi Kaila Divya Tuteja

India has employed a variety of military, political and economic measures to combat the long running insurgency in Kashmir with little evidence on what contributes […]


Early life shocks and mental health: The long-term effect of war in Vietnam

Saurabh Singhal, 

This paper provides causal evidence on early-life exposure to war on mental health status in adulthood. Using an instrumental variable strategy, the evidence indicates that […]


Naxalite Insurgency and the Economic Benefits of a Unique Robust Security Response

Saurabh Singhal,  Rahul Nilakantan

Using the synthetic control method of analysis, we provide the first measurements of the direct economic benefits of a unique robust security response to an […]