Jean-Francois Maystadt

HiCN Working Papers Series


Civil conflict, cash transfers, and child nutrition in Yemen

Jean-Francois Maystadt,  Olivier Ecker

The most dramatic outcomes of protracted civil conflict include increased malnutrition among children and the resulting consequences for lifelong health and prosperity. Little is known […]


Local Warming and Violent Conflict in North and South Sudan

Margherita Calderone,  Jean-Francois Maystadt,  Liangzhi You

Weather shocks and natural disasters, it has been argued, represent a major threat to national and international security. Our paper contributes to the emerging micro-level […]


Winners and Losers Among a Refugee-Hosting Population

Jean-Francois Maystadt,  Philip Verwimp, 

Every year, thousands of refugees are forced to leave their countries of origin and are hosted by their neighboring countries. However, very little is known […]


Does inequality make us rebel? A revisited theoretical model applied to South Mexico

Jean-Francois Maystadt, 

Since Collier and Hoeffler (1998, 2004), it has been supported that inequality, measured at national level, does not affect the risk of conflict. Such a […]