Ore Koren

HiCN Working Papers Series


Integrated Militias Can Increase the Risk of Civil War Renewal

Ore Koren,  Bumba Mukherjee

Research on civil war identified multiple reason for why some transitions to peace are more robust than others. However, scholars largely ignored a key determinant […]


Covid-19, State Capacity, and Political Violence by Nonstate Actors

Ore Koren,  Brittney Koehnlein

The COVID-19 pandemic has constrained the ability of states across the world to govern and control their territories. As the state reduces its activities, space […]


The Diplomatic Burden of Pandemics: The Case of Malaria

Ore Koren,  Benjamin E. Bagozzi

This paper seeks to understand the extent of the disruptions to international relations caused by pandemics, focusing on one globally-prevalent example: malaria. We posit that […]


Violent Repression as a Commitment Problem: Urbanization, Food Shortages, and Civilian Killings under Authoritarian Regimes

Ore Koren,  Bumba Mukherjee

Authoritarian regimes frequently commit systematic killings of their own subjects, yet the mechanisms governing this behavioral shift remain unclear. We address this puzzle by developing […]


Hunger Games: Food Security and Strategic Preemptive Conflict

Ore Koren, 

A growing number of studies draw linkages between violent conflict and food scarcities. Yet, evidence suggests that at the subnational level conflict is likely to […]