Björn Gehrmann

Seasoned German career diplomat with a focus on management and resolution of conflicts (prevention, mediation, intervention), management of global risks (environment, health, finance, political violence) and strategic relationship management (bilateral and multilateral). Several years of experience in board governance as a governing body and committee member of major international organizations (UN, EU, NATO).

Economics Ph.D. with strong analytical skills and profound knowledge in economic theory. MBA with concentrations in marketing and international management.

Trained speech writer and convincing public speaker. Dedicated team worker with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to manage projects. Thrives in highly pressurised and challenging international working environments.

HiCN Working Papers Series


Third-party Diplomacy

Björn Gehrmann, 

Since the beginning of the Refugee Crisis in 2015, the political resolution of armed conflicts has gained in importance and urgency at the international level. […]