Leopoldo Fergusson

HiCN Working Papers Series


CSI in the tropics. Experimental evidence of improved public service delivery through coordination

Leopoldo Fergusson,  Daniela Collazos, Miguel La Rota, Daniel Mejía, Daniel Ortega

This paper evaluates the impacts of increased coordination, accountability, and lead- ership among teams of responsible public officials, with evidence from homicide inves- tigations in […]


The perils of misusing remote sensing data The case of forest cover

Leopoldo Fergusson,  Juan F. Vargas,  Santiago Saavedra

Research on deforestation has grown exponentially due to the availability of satellite-based measures of forest cover. One of the most popular is Global Forest Change […]


Facebook Causes Protests

Leopoldo Fergusson,  Carlos Molina

The Internet and social media have been considered crucial determinants of recent political turmoil and protests. To estimate the causal impact of Facebook on collective […]