Benjamin Crost

HiCN Working Papers Series


Economic Conditions and the Rise of Anti-Democratic Extremism

Benjamin Crost, 

This paper provides evidence that adverse economic conditions contributed to the rise of anti-democratic extremism in the United States. A state-level analysis shows that increases […]


Export Crops and Civil Conflict

Benjamin Crost,  Joseph H. Felter

Many governments and international experts consider a move towards high-value export crops, such as fruits and vegetables, as an important opportunity for economic growth and […]


Is Conflict Contagious? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Benjamin Crost,  Joseph H. Felter

The fact that conflicts tend to cluster in space is well documented. It remains unclear, however, whether this clustering is a result of contagion or […]


Conditional Cash Transfers, Civil Conflict and Insurgent Influence: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines

Benjamin Crost,  Joseph H. Felter Patrick B. Johnston

Conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs are an increasingly popular tool for reducing poverty in conflict-affected areas. Despite their growing popularity, there is limited evidence on […]


Election Fraud and Post-Election Conflict: Evidence from the Philippines

Benjamin Crost,  Joseph H. Felter Hani Mansour Daniel I. Rees

Previous studies have documented a positive association between election fraud and the intensity of civil conflict. It is not clear, however, whether this association is […]