Mevlude Akubulut

HiCN Working Papers Series


Children of Crisis: The Effects of Economic Shocks on Newborns

Mevlude Akubulut,  Seyit Mumin Cilasun Belgi Turan

In this paper, we explore the deep economic crisis experienced by the Turkish economy in 2001 and 2008 as quasi-experiments to causally identify the association […]


The Long-Term Direct and External Effects of Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany

Mevlude Akubulut,  Mutlu Yuksel

This paper examines the long-term direct and spillover effects of large-scale human capital loss caused by the persecution of Jewish professionals in Nazi Germany. Using […]


Children of War: The Long-Run Effects of Large-Scale Physical Destruction and Warfare on Children

Mevlude Akubulut, 

During World War II, more than half a million tons of bombs were dropped in aerial raids on German cities, destroying about one-third of the […]