Richard Akresh

HiCN Working Papers Series


First and Second Generation Impacts of the Biafran War

Richard Akresh,  Marinella Leone,  Sonia Bhalotra Una Osili

We analyze long-term impacts of the 1967-1970 Nigerian Civil War, providing the first evidence of intergenerational impacts. Women exposed to the war in their growing […]


Detailed Geographic Information, Conflict Exposure, and Health Impacts

Richard Akresh,  German Daniel Caruso Harsha Thirumurthy

We estimate the impact of exposure to conflict on health outcomes using geographic information on households’ distance from conflict sites — a more accurate measure […]


Climate Change, Conflict, and Children

Richard Akresh, 

This paper reviews the evidence linking climate variability to conflict, broadly defined, and the subsequent short and long-term implications of children’s exposure to conflict. Evidence […]


War and Stature: Growing Up During the Nigerian Civil War

Richard Akresh,  Marinella Leone,  Sonia Bhalotra Una Osili

The Nigerian civil war of 1967-70 was precipitated by secession of the Igbo- dominated south-eastern region to create the state of Biafra. It was the […]


Wars and Child Health: Evidence from the Eritrean-Ethiopian Conflict

Richard Akresh,  Leonardo Lucchetti Harsha Thirumurthy

This is the first paper using household survey data from two countries involved in an international war (Eritrea and Ethiopia) to measure the conflict’s impact […]


Armed Conflict and Schooling: Evidence from the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

Richard Akresh,  Damien de Walque, 

To examine the impact of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide on children’s schooling, the authors combine two cross-sectional household surveys collected before and after the genocide. The […]


Civil War, Crop Failure, and the Health Status of Young Children

Richard Akresh,  Philip Verwimp, 

Economic shocks at birth have lasting impacts on children’s health several years after the shock. We calculate height for age z-scores for children under age […]