LAUNCHING Stability: International Journal of Security and Development


We are pleased to announce the release of the Inaugural Issue of Stability: International Journal of Security & Development at Stability provides research and policy analysis relevant to interventions aimed at ending conflicts, preventing conflict recurrence, mitigating other forms of violence, including organised and urban criminality, and fostering peace.

While numerous journals are released each year, this publication differs from most. First, Stability adheres to open-access publishing principles. As such, all articles are fully free to access online; the journal is not-for-profit. Second, the journal is online only, like many emerging journals. Though, where many online journals have tended to emphasise quantity over quality, Stability adheres to rigorous peer-review standards and are registered fully as a scholarly journal. Third, despite the adherence to the highest academic standards, Stability also welcomes more “applied” contributions from experienced policymakers and practitioners. Fourth, Stability not only encourages contributions from “doers” – such as UN personnel, NGO project managers, peacekeepers, donor representatives, diplomats and others – but also actively disseminates published pieces, pushing them to policymakers and practitioners. Lastly, Stability is actively seeking contributors from developing and violence-affected countries.

We encourage you to read the Inaugural Issue, and we hope you will consider contributing after reviewing the Call for Papers. The Inaugural Issue and further information can be found at, where you can also sign up to become a peer reviewer, join Stability’s mailing list and learn more about its aims, objectives and publishing model.