Patricia Justino

Senior Fellow, UNU-WIDER, Helsinki, Finland and Professorial Fellow, IDS, Brighton, UK

Patricia Justino is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, and a development economist specialising in applied microeconomics. Her current research work focuses on the impact of violence and conflict on household welfare, the microfoundations of violent conflict and the implications of violence for economic development. Other research interests include the measurement of multidimensional inequality and poverty and their effects on social development and economic growth, the measurement and modelling of poverty (static and dynamic), the role of social security and redistribution on economic growth and household welfare and the impact of economic shocks on household income mobility.
Patricia has worked with several international agencies including the World Bank, UNDP, UNESCO and FAO. She is the Director of MICROCON and co-founder and co-director of the Households in Conflict Network. Since June 2010, Patricia convenes the Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction team cluster on Conflict, Violence and Development.

Research Interests

Development (General); Poverty; Security and Conflict; Social Protection; Conflict and Violence; Inequality; India; Vietnam; Brazil.

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